Inspirational Poems


When darkness falls,

When things are still,

When I’ve put up walls to hide what’s real,

When all seems lost and winds blow to and fro,

When I’m backed up in a corner with nowhere to go,

When deceitful lies bring tears to my eyes,

When it becomes far too much to hide the pain inside,

When I feel I’m losing and see no possibility to win,

You breath life into my soul and it lives again.

When my body is weak and all strength is gone,

The sufficiency of your sweet grace helps me carry on.

When I’ve lived all the life you’ve planned for me to live,

I’ll be forever rested in your bosom for it’s to you my spirit I’ll give.

When that day comes,

Oh what a day.

I’ll stand face to face with the one to whom I’ve prayed.

There’ll be no more sorrow, no not one,

For my work down here will all be done.

Oh what peace, what joy, what hope shall I behold,

And be it all yielded forevermore unto the one who saved my soul.


© 9/2/19 NiaCara Lawrence

6 thoughts on “When…

  1. NiaCara, this is beautiful. I’m thankful our God is the One who breathes life into our weary, broken spirits. That He is the one who gives us hope. Your words speak to my heart as we navigate a touchy parenting season. Thanks for your encouragement!


    1. Yes He does and He breathes His peace into our tough seasons as well. Lord, send your wisdom, patience, strength, and confidence in your word to Jeanne and her family right now. In Jesus name.


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