Inspirational Poems

What’s In a Name?

What’s in a name hundreds of centuries-old?
That’s still able to move mountains when upon it’s called.

What’s in a name? Whether Gentile or Jew?
That is full of power and mighty to save both me and you.

What’s in a name that makes demons tremble and flee?
And yet gentle enough when spoken to calm a raging sea.

What’s in a name that lives and speaks from within?
And exposes the state of all hearts ridden with sin.

What’s in a name that reveals the mysteries of Heaven?
And manifested all of its glory on the third day when risen.

What’s in a name that burns like fire in the soul?
And refines all that call upon Him like purified gold.

What’s in a name that has overcome the world?
And for generations has rested upon the lips of many boys and girls.

What’s in a name that regardless of whether men believe or men doubt?
It is to this name in the end, every tongue shall confess, every knee shall bow.

What’s in a name?

Yahweh. Emmanuel. Wonderful Counselor. Prince of Peace.

The One Who Makes the Least the Greatest and the Greatest the Least.

The Lily of the Valley. The Bright and Morning Star. The Lion of Judah. The King of Kings.

Jehovah. The Cornerstone. Mighty Deliverer. DaySpring.

The Good Shepherd. The Holy One. The Horn of Salvation. The True Vine.

Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and Ending of Time.

What is His name? What does it mean?

His name is Jesus and in His name is everything.

The question should be… What do you need Him to be?

© 2019 FREE NiaCara Lawrence

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