Inspirational Poems

Silence Speaks

Silence speaks although we try to hide,

What is deep within and festering down inside.

Silence speaks when our pain is so deep and is real,

And we’ve done all to cover what we really feel.

Silence speaks in our rage and in our guilt,

Then, peeks out its head from behind the walls we’ve built.

Silence speaks when we try and can’t love one another,

Because we have been violated by a sister or a brother.

Silence speaks through many a scar or a bruise,

That we’ve tried so hard to cover with the concealers we use.

Silence speaks when the wounded one inside us cries out,

And manifests itself in the insults we may often shout.

Silence speaks when love doesn’t live here anymore,

And we run to or fro and sin behind closed doors.

Silence speaks when we always feel rejected,

And are afraid to expose the lies we have protected.

But silence loses power when we are ready to reveal,

Our wounds to our Father who is strong enough to heal.

Confession can end our suffering only if we are willing to disclose,

Our iniquities and hurts to the One who loves us most.

Silence may speak but His grace and love speak louder,

When in His arms we fall as His precious sons and daughters.

© 2019 FREE All rights reserved.

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