Inspirational Poems

Mary Had a Baby

Mary had a baby,
While she herself was still a baby too.

An angel gave instructions,
But she knew little of what she had to do.

Yet, she surrendered to the will of God,
Although, she knew her sweet baby had to die.
So, all that came after Him could have everlasting life.

Mary had a baby,
Although by no man she’d been touched.

Still, she obeyed the words of the Father,
Because Mary loved her Lord so much.

No room at the inn so she labored in a manger,
Under angelic protection for her and the baby were in danger.
Prophetic confirmation came by three wise strangers.

Mary had a baby,
Who grew up to be very wise.

To fulfill divine prophetic promises, and open the eyes of the blind.
To save the world from sin and with hopes, no one is left behind.

Baby, strong as a lion, yet gentle as a lamb,
Is in majesty, full of power, seated at the Father’s right hand.
Because He shed His blood on the cross as the ransom for man.

Mary had a baby,
Who was innocent and His soul as pure as white snow.
The baby was on a mission where Mary went, He couldn’t go.

He had to do the will of the one who sent Him,
His days were numbered and things would get dim.
But He had to be the sacrifice to make us free from sin.

Yes, it is true. A baby does change everything.
Especially if the baby became King of Kings and is soon to come again.

© 2019 FREE All Rights Reserved.

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