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Call…Don’t Fall!

While in the rehabilitation hospital after my surgeries in 2016, I was surrounded by signs that read, “Call Don’t Fall”. It reminded me of Romans 10:13, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Initially, this can apply to when we accept the Lord into our lives but I want to remind us that we can always call on the name of the Lord in times of trouble and weakness. He is faithful to rescue us. He is our very present help and provides an escape from falling into sin. We can also call for godly counsel when we are faced with decisions that weigh heavily on our hearts. It’s good to be surrounded by spiritual people in whom we can confide our faults, seek godly counsel, and help us back to restoration. God loves us so much that He has provided so many ways for us to be successful in our Christian walk and stay free from the entrapment of sin.

Something that has helped me stay accountable is being able to call my friends for prayer and share how I am feeling regardless of how raw it may be. I used to teach youth groups at church. One of the things I would tell them was to, “Tell it on the enemy.” If we are placed in a situation where we are tempted to sin, we can gain freedom by confessing the areas in which we are struggling with someone we trust. By doing so, we release the grip of shame and condemnation on our lives. In return, we can obtain and maintain our spiritual freedom because the enemy cannot use those things against us or keep us bound by them. When he does try to bring them up, we can say, “That’s old news. I have already shared that with my brother or sister in Christ as well as my Father in heaven. Therefore, you have no power over me.” Just typing that felt powerful. We have the power to stay free when we call on the name of Jesus and on those whom He has divinely connected us with.

What areas are you feeling troubled in? Where have you been wrestling? What areas of your life are you being tempted in? Don’t listen to the whispers of the enemy even if they seem to become shouts. Call on the name of the one who can keep you from falling. Call on the Almighty name of Jesus.

Call Don’t Fall!

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