Abandoned,Rejected,Often Disrespected.Lied On,Violated,Sometimes Devastated.Misused,Abused,Frequently Confused.Unloved,Misunderstood,A complicated childhood.Adopted,Redeemed,Highly Esteemed.Authenticated,Purified,Rectified.Cherished,Acclaimed,Explained.Beloved,Appreciated,Divinely related.You took all these pieces,Pieces of me.Set them on your potter’s wheel,Paid my debts upon a tree.There is no imperfection only beauty in you,My life changed when I surrendered to your truth.No life, nor death, no power above,or below,Can separate me from the greatest love I know.Lord,Continue reading “Pieces”

The Walking Dead by NiaCara Lawrence

Alive but not living, Breathing but suffocating, Looking but not seeing, Smelling but not inhaling, Touching but not feeling, Hearing but not listening, The condition of my soul. Looking for love in temporary sources, Equating real love with false scenarios and people, Dying to hold on to time to only substitute the numbness that IContinue reading “The Walking Dead by NiaCara Lawrence”