5 Simple Daily Reminders for Building Your Relationship with God

Be Intentional Plan to spend time with God at various times during your day.

Guard Your Heart Everyone doesn’t deserve your effort and attention on an intimate level.

Remain Humble You never know when your humility is on display during times of convenience or difficulty.

  Be Transparent & Honest Your integrity is the lifeline between how your character is viewed by others and how your reputation is developed. Don’t put it at risk over foolishness.

  Be Yourself No masks needed. Be comfortable in your own talents and abilities. Then, you will impact others. Your identity is one with Him. There is no one else like you. Invest in yourself, others, and let God be the source.

Published by woody0622

Working as an Air Force Medic instructor in the USAF. Love God, so I have no reservations sharing who He is, and encouraging others to seek Him for themselves through my encouragement.

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