Freedom Fridays

Rest for Your R.E.S.E.T.

As I think about R.E.S.E.T...REST has been heavily on my mind.  I was exhausted at the beginning of the school year because I'm an educator. Preparing the classroom, professional developments, lesson planning, adjusting, and getting to know my students had me ready for at least one day off! LOL. I was looking forward to being… Continue reading Rest for Your R.E.S.E.T.

Power Posts


I haven't always felt that I deserved the best of things. In a strange way, I felt it was being haughty or selfish to expect the best of everything. Life's journey had whispered and told me I should just be grateful for what I did have. The truth is I wasn't living my "best life"… Continue reading Worthy

Freedom Fridays


In order to reset, you have to start with yourself.  When I first got the concept of RESET, I visualized a refrigerator with a water filter reset button. The image stayed in my head. Then, I heard re-evaluate everything so everything will thrive.   While texting a friend recently, the word RESET came back to me very… Continue reading Reset

Power Posts

The Power of “No”

Rejection is part of life. I have definitely had my share of it. Whether it be familial, in friendships, and even from the outside world, it can either make or break you. Let's face's effects are up to us. We can live a guarded life out of our fear of rejection or take steps… Continue reading The Power of “No”


Happy New Year!