Forecast Rain

From the “Peace of Pain” Poetry Collection

Rain, rain go away, my heart ❤️ has been heavy, & needs a break. The weight of my worries. The strain of my stress, The agony of assumptions. The price of this distress.

Are all so unbearable… All I can say… Is how long have I been living this way? I’ve lost track of time. Don’t even know the day.

So preoccupied by work & my routines, Putting out others fires 🔥. Forgetting about me.

So many 😭 tears, nothing left to cry; Imprisoned by fears; To hard to say why.

Some 🥾 boots for my feet 🦶, so that I can stand strong 💪. A 🧥 coat of courage to face fears, while holding on…

The storms of Life will never end. So, where do I start? How do I begin? Forever inside, I cannot hide. I seek God’s word to be my guide.

To my umbrella ☔️ of faith & Thinking 💭 hat 🧢 for direction, Gives COVER, SHELTER, & needed PROTECTION!! Now I can talk with the thunder. And tango with the rain 🌧. 👌 Ok. Rainy days, I’m ready to PLAY!!!

Published by lenisap

I am a poet, author, artist & creative mind. Grambling State University graduate. 18yrs experience working with troubled children experiencing emotional/behavioral issues. Experienced working with women & families surviving domestic violence. Began my journey to recreate myself by choosing to live life to the fullest & believing in the power of me! Inspired by the stories of others & my own personal experiences, my poetry collection “Peace of Pain”, was created as an expression of healing confessions of the heart: Good & Bad. Available in paperback/ digital on .

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