I’m Free

God has been faithful to me! He has shown me things beyond what I can see.

Take another look now. He’s turned the wicked attacks of my enemies.

I can’t help but to give Him Glory for giving me the victory!

When no one else was there to show they care, I became aware that He has always been available for me to share.

My thoughts, my life, and love are sometimes misplaced without a trace of it being returned. Sometimes, the feelings of rejection really burn so deep that I can’t sleep.

The perception of what real is camouflaged by an unseen reflection of the real deal.

I’m speaking of Jesus, the one who died for us, and in whom we can place all our trust.

I’m speaking of Jehovah, the Great I Am, The Man, The True G… that is God Almighty.

I have to learn to receive the Word of God that I’ve heard since I first believed.

That’s why now I can declare that… I’m free! I’m free!

I AM Free!

3 thoughts on “I’m Free

  1. Love it…just where I feel that I am today…bondage broken, chains loosed, breathing fresh air and then I sigh…


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