Invite Him

Recently, I heard a close friend say in a sermon that, “God is always present but He’s not always included.” Immediately, I began to bust the myths that God is not listening or He’s just a little far from me. No. He’s a gentleman and wants to be invited in not forced. He wants to gently enter our lives and change it for the better but He’ll wait for His invitation. The sooner He gets it, the less pain we’ll go through; the quicker we’ll fulfill our calling.

When it came to deciding what college to attend, I prayed for God to allow me to get into the college He wanted me to go to. However, I didn’t let Him make my decision. I looked at schools that offered what I wanted and did everything in my power to get into them. When rejection letters came, I was mad and wondered why He wasn’t listening to me. Why wasn’t He answering my prayers? I felt far from Him and that I’d have to pick my college by myself because I wasn’t getting any feedback from God. When the college of my dreams didn’t offer me as much aid as I needed to attend, I broke down, gave up, and gave it to God.

I applied to the college I now attend as a back up plan but it really ended up being my saving grace. I can’t imagine where I’d be had I not included God in making the decision and listening to Him. Just because He’s omnipresent doesn’t mean He’s included in our lives. We have to invite and welcome Him in. 

Published by aakinpelu1

I’m currently a senior Eduction major that’s aspiring to be a 4-8th science teacher. Summer missions teaching kids about Jesus and leading worship has my heart and is my life’s passion. I hope to be a source of encouragement and show God’s unconditional love to any and everyone.

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