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Perfect Love

Have you ever watched small children and noticed how fearless they are? They run and jump off of things around their parents with full confidence of being caught . John 4:18 says that God’s perfect love casts out fear. We have to reach the point where we’re no longer only aware of God’s love for us but we also accept God’s love.
     When we experience abuse, loss, rejection, and other difficulties that may shake our core, sometimes we begin to live our lives in a “safe zone” that is cushioned by fear and insecurity. We try to control every aspect of our lives to try to protect ourselves. However, this is not standing in the power of God’s perfect love. When we grow to accept his love, we begin to walk in a deep trust for Him. We trust that he knows what’s best for us and will be everything we need. Why…because he loves us.
     The enemy works overtime during times of adversity to convince us otherwise. However, we have to do all we can to hold on to this great truth. God not only wants us to take hold of how much he loves us but wants us to abide (stay permanently, rest) in it. It may be hard sometimes but far from impossible.

Things We Can Do:

  1. Go to the Word. Find scriptures about God’s love for us. John 3:16 and Romans 8:38-39 are both a great place to start. Read it and speak it until it becomes embedded in your spirit.
  2. Check God’s track record in your life. Count your blessings. Write down all the things he has done and is doing.
  3. Pray and ask God to help your disbelief. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you grow in your consciousness of how his love is actively working in your life.

Just like the fearless child, God want us to be assured that he will catch us and be there for us.

Friend, we are loved by the Almighty God.

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