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Listen when it's busy, Listen when it's still. Listen when you're healthy, Listen when you're ill. Listen when it's dark and dim, Listen when light shines through. Listen even in your sadness because I want to speak to you. Listen my children because your life depends on it, I had to shut things down just… Continue reading Listen!

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Release My Seed!

There are certain times of the year when I don't sleep well. Several months throughout the year, I am awoken out of my sleep with an urgency to pray for both people I know and those I don't know. I am also woken out of dreams and taken to my knees to go directly into… Continue reading Release My Seed!

Inspirational Poems

Fear vs. Faith

Fear is crippling,Fear gives rise to doubt,Fear will cause you to retreat when the Lord has called you out. Fear is an illusion,Fear is a tactic of our unseen enemy,Fear hid Adam and Eve after eating from the tree. Fear has no real power,Yet fear can overtake you,Fear breeds second guessing while knowing what is… Continue reading Fear vs. Faith

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Are We Listening? Are We Ready?

The past few days have been a whirlwind. We have been bombarded with news about the deadly Coronavirus. Schools have closed and made preparations to take instruction online. There is a shortage of toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, and bottled water. People are wearing masks and gloves. It reminds me of some of the scary movies… Continue reading Are We Listening? Are We Ready?

Inspirational Poems


In a world full of imposters,In a world full of fake.In a world that hates to love,And loves to hate. In a world that is thirsty,In a world overtly ridden with sin.In a world that approves an eye for an eye,And feels it's ok to betray our next of kin. In a world that shuns… Continue reading Elevate

Inspirational Poems


Pedestals were meant to bring objects up higher, Not for us to place men upon so we can admire. Nor to exalt ourselves above others and say look at me, Or put our lives on display for all the world to see. Who are we except filthy rags washed clean by lamb's blood? Or wretches… Continue reading Pedestals

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The God Who Stays

We have all felt the pain of broken relationships. Such moments have been some of the least enjoyable times of my life but they have been some of the most powerful. It has been during these times that I have been reminded of the ever-present love and comfort of God. I have experienced His faithfulness.… Continue reading The God Who Stays


Happy 1st Year Anniversary!

Last year, I stepped out in obedience and started an inspirational blog, FREE. It has been a labor of love, my therapy, and a place of encouragement. FREE has been a community and a platform for others to share their gifts to uplift others. It has taught me a whole new meaning of what it… Continue reading Happy 1st Year Anniversary!

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I haven't always felt that I deserved the best of things. In a strange way, I felt it was being haughty or selfish to expect the best of everything. Life's journey had whispered and told me I should just be grateful for what I did have. The truth is I wasn't living my "best life"… Continue reading Worthy

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The Power of “No”

Rejection is part of life. I have definitely had my share of it. Whether it be familial, in friendships, and even from the outside world, it can either make or break you. Let's face's effects are up to us. We can live a guarded life out of our fear of rejection or take steps… Continue reading The Power of “No”