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God’s V.I.P. Section Part 1: Very Invited People

If you have ever been invited to an event,  it makes you feel special because you know that the host wants you there. God has extended many invitations to us. In fact, several of them begin with the word “Come” which means to move or travel toward or into a place thought of as near or familiar to the speaker. Let that sink in for a minute. The creator of the universe is asking us to move towards and come closer to Him. I don’t know about you but that gives me all sorts of feels. This is just one type of His many invitations. He invites us to rest in Him in Matthew 11:28 and to abide in Him in John 15:4. He wants us to be in his presence daily because we are the objects of His affection. David understood this sentiment when he replied, “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings” in Psalms 17:8. He also knew that was where he needed to be and desired to stay there.

The most important part of being invited is accepting the invitation. If God says, “Come” our reply should be, “RSVP me”. He wants us to accept His invitation to salvation and continue to accept the invitation to be active with Him in our every day lives. He wants to have a permanent residence in the innermost part of our beings.

Brothers and sisters…We’re Very Invited People. God desires to commune with us. He desires us to be in relationship with Him above all else. The beauty of all of the Father’s invitations is that they are written in the ink of love and sealed by His precious blood.

Will you accept God’s invitations? He is Waiting.

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