Inspirational Poems


When men fail and you feel all alone,

When you try to call but no one picks up the phone.

When you’re lost like a ship without a sail,

And tossed to and fro on life’s waters in strong gales.

When those in whom you’ve believed don’t seem to believe in you,

And you find the sentiments you thought were real prove to be untrue.

When sin has held you captive and you just can’t seem to break free,

And your heart still rings with pain even after bended knee.

Where can we turn in the midst of the storm?

In the pathway of imminent harm?

To the Rock of our salvation,

To the one who makes dry bones live again.

To the one who knows our sorrows,

To the one who holds our tomorrow.

Who took the keys of Hell and death’s sting,

So the holy righteousness of the Father He could bring.

Who bought the pardon for all men,

Whom is Alpha and Omega and soon to come again.

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