Inspirational Poems


In the fiery furnace, where the three Hebrew boys stood,

In the cave where David hid while Saul was up to no good.

In the Garden when Adam and Eve took a bite of forbidden fruit,

When the Egyptians crossed the Red Sea to escape Pharaoh’s pursuit.

While Elijah stood upon a mountain and fire rained from the sky,

When a blind man who once could not see was given a set of new eyes.

In a synagogue among theologians while anointed teachings were spoke,

In a tomb where Lazarus who was dead three days when called awoke.

In a crowd while a woman with an issue of blood was healed,

On the cross between two thieves when the prelude to eternal glory revealed.

On the throne in the midst of the heavenly host,

Always in accompaniment of the precious Holy Ghost.

He, Yahweh, Abba, Rapha, Elohim,

Is ever present, all powerful, all knowing, and highly esteemed.

Eternal, Wise, Majestic, Moving and Yet Still.

He was there. He is here and forever He will be. Yes, He is Real.

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