Tell It Tuesday

Tell It Tuesdays

What are you grateful for?

8 thoughts on “Tell It Tuesdays

  1. I’m grateful for the long suffering of God. He has suffered long with me through all of my mistakes and imperfections. I’m grateful that His grace and mercy have allowed me to continue to strive towards fulfilling my purpose.


  2. I’m most grateful for Jesus giving me the gift of salvation and for it’s offspring. Salvation gives us access to everything else…

    “But, beloved, we are confident of better things concerning you, yes, things that accompany salvation, though we speak in this manner…Hebrews 6:9


  3. We haven’t had power since Sunday, but it was cool.
    I am grateful for crews in our neighborhood that came from Alabama to help!
    Also, that the Lord provides peace and joy in all of life’s difficult circumstances.


  4. Good morning,
    God has been really good to me and my family as I what we call (the pills) which I have currently start taking due to a diagnosis of stage 4 breast, lung and liver cancer. But in all thing my faith is stronger than anything and my belief of Gods total healing in my body is taking place. It just good to know who God is and everything is in his control.


    1. Yes it is. He is a miracle worker. We’ve seen it in our family right. If He can raise someone from their death bed right in front of us, surely He can heal you. We are standing with you in faith and declaring your healing. In Jesus name.


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