Tell It Tuesday

Tell It Tuesday

Has the Lord done anything in your life? You need to testify.

5 thoughts on “Tell It Tuesday

  1. I’m grateful for the covering of God and how He fights our battles. I’m grateful for the battles He is winning for my loved ones and how He is showing himself strong on their behalf.

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  2. I thank God for His word, for it truly is a light to my feet and a light on my path. It reveals where I stand and it also reveals where I’m going. Lord, help me to ALWAYS walk in the light of Your word!


  3. I want to thank God for the blessings yet to come! I thank Him for covering me, when I don’t even realize that I need covering and most of all, I want to thank Him for the forgiveness of my sins. Thank You Jesus for being my Lord and my Savior!!!!


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