These past few weeks I’ve been getting back to looking at nature and particularly trees. Their structure, detail, shade and line. There is so much that goes into each tree. Like a specific poem. It has that casing we are familiar with but what will it say? What kind of writing will it have? What words will it use to punch the point home…

After my show in the Spring I found myself very tired and sad. I was still
grieving the loss of my Dad and I think the work had been emotional and hard. I decided after the show to take some time off and be with my kids, my husband. It was a good summer. Filled with family, friends and traveling to see some far off places like the Philippines and the East coast of the US. It was good to get away and equally good to get home.

© 2019 Dawn Waters Baker
© 2019 Dawn Waters Baker

I came back and realized that I didn’t know what to start on. There were
many paintings I never could get to because of time constraint but I felt
the need to wait and listen.

© 2019 Dawn Waters Baker

There is a little sign I have in my studio. It simply reads, “What stirs your affections for God?” I love it because it helps me ask myself:

Am I feeling distant?
Is the Lord silent?

How long has it been since I delighted in something that reminds me of His goodness?

So I went to the trees. And everything about them seems to be saying, “Look! I’m unique. I have a personality. I am beautiful.”

© 2019 Dawn Waters Baker

I can honestly say, “Lord, your creation is beautiful down to the very tip of a leaf! It stirs my affections for you!” I see His personality, His joy, His fire and wit in the elegance of a limb. I worship, not the tree, but the very One who thought of a tree and gave it to the earth, to me, to you in delicate and leafy ways.

©2019 Dawn Waters Baker

Robert MacFarlane writes in Underland, “Living wood, left long enough, behaves as slow-moving liquid.” That’s so true isn’t it? Look at the bottom of a Live Oak. You’ll see it. Now, I go looking for it and when I see it I get a little giddy. There are so many layers to seeing, so much more than what we see at first.

Is the Lord quiet with you right now? That’s ok. Just look with Him. I think He wants to show you something deep.

© 2019 Dawn Waters Baker

Published by dwb36

I am a artist living in Dallas, TX. I paint mostly skies and trees and how they make me feel. I am also raising three little girls with my mathmatician husband.

6 thoughts on “Trees

  1. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my blog. I enjoyed your blog as well.

    Your drawings are amazing. I thing you captured the essence of nature quite well. The details are great!

    How did you enjoy your vacation at the Philippines. I hope you had a great time. 🙂 That’s me being genuinely curious since I live in the Philippines:)


    1. Hello Eva. Thank you. My friend, Dawn Waters Baker actually wrote the post and draw those pictures. She is an amazing artist. She is from the Philippines as well. Check out her bio at the end of the post for more info. Thanks again for your support.

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  2. Hi Eva! Thanks for your kind comments. I was born and raised in the Philippines so my visit was more to see the churches there and the work that my parents started. It was a wonderful visit and of course there is nothing like the Filipino people…or the food! Sarap! I’m always glad to meet a fellow pinoy. Even if I’m white I’m Filipino inside. 😀


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