Inspirational Poems

You Whisper

In my slumber, you tap me as the break of dawn is drawing near,

Your tender whisper awakes me as signs of each new day appears.

Your breath fills my lungs as it flows through pulsing veins,

To let me know you’ve given me another day to live again.

Some days are filled with uncertainty and sometimes maybe even doubt,

Your small whispers encourage my soul as your perfect love casts fear out.

In all of my fleshly imperfection, there’s a dire need of your sweet grace,

Which you so freely give to encourage me and push me to run this race.

Your words can be like mighty thunder or as soft as a night’s howling wind,

But neither diminishes it’s power to set me free from the grip of all my sins.

You whisper that you love me both in times of right and of wrong,

Yet call me back to repentance and still with me you suffer long.

Your whisper is so precious and motivated by an indescribable love,

My soul rejoices just to know that I am adored by you, my Father up above.

You whisper love. You whisper faith. You whisper peace. You whisper power.

You Whisper.

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