In order to reset, you have to start with yourself.  When I first got the concept of RESET, I visualized a refrigerator with a water filter reset button. The image stayed in my head. Then, I heard re-evaluate everything so everything will thrive.   While texting a friend recently, the word RESET came back to me very strongly so I was compelled to share it with them.  The first reset was a revelation of things around me. God gave me a revelation of it because shortly thereafter everything around me changed.  I left all I knew to return back to my hometown. All I had was a word from God. It was very scary but yet very necessary. 

This time, I was given a different perspective of what reset meant. Now, reset was internal or should I say personal. In order to reset, I had to start with myself. So now the word reset has an entirely different meaning to me…  Rest, Eat well, Sleep, Exercise, and to thine oneself be True.  

Rest: In order to rest, you have to take some time to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

Eat well : Eat the right amount of food and the right kind of food.  Too many sweets and too much fried chicken just won’t do my friend.  Eat food that will fuel your body. 

Sleep : Have you ever went to sleep only to wake up tired? It’s probably because you didn’t rest. In order to sleep, you must allow your mind to rest. 

Exercise: A brisk walk outside can be all you need to reset. Whatever your favorite exercise is do that. Get to moving!

T– To thine own self be true. Friend, you can’t RESET if you can’t be true to yourself. Love yourself, face your fears, never be in denial about how you feel. Get help in whatever area you need it in. See a therapist, pray, talk to a friend, write a journal, or unplug from social media. You are worth it and you owe it to yourself to RESET.  Rest, Eat well, Sleep, Exercise and be True to yourself. 

7 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Amen!!! Many people have been sharing about “Reset”. Even Lisa Bevere. Holy Spirit is leading us into this conversation! Thanj you so much for sharing and blessing us with this 🌸🌸🌸🌸


  2. Tbis BLOG speaks volumes. I need every part of the word respect, but the most important of the all is ‘T’ for being True to myself! Even though I need it all, that one really stands out for me!!!! Definitely going to concentrate hard on working on resetting myself!


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