Inspirational Poems

The River

There was once a river that stood on its own,
That was born in a manger whose feet the Earth roamed.

Who grew up in stature, in wisdom, and truth,
Who taught with authority from the days of His youth.

Who astonished great scholars and teachers alike,
Who made many men wonder and even dislike.

At whose name demons tremble and breaks every chain,
Who was royalty in the flesh and sought no earthly gain.

On who men did lie and friends would betray,
Whom on a wooden cross and in a tomb would lay.

Yet, that river rose with great power on the third day,
With the power in His hands to take the stain of sin away.

A river whose waters can cause us to thirst no more,
Who can fill the hearts of those who are spiritually poor.

This river of life flows from the Lamb on the throne,
From the firmament of the heaven to our earthly homes.

Great is the River who brings us eternal life,
That River is Jesus, Our Saviour, Our Christ.

© FREE 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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