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There once was a sister, Who found herself a mister. And you'd think she'd found a pot of gold. But some how she got it twisted, Or she just altogether missed it, Because she had to give up her soul. Unhealthy patterns started, And she left herself unguarded, Then, she became consumed by lies. Distant… Continue reading Awakened

Inspirational Poems


When I look in the mirror, what do I see, I see the image that others get of me. Do they see every blemish? Do they see every scar? That serve as reminders of what I've endured thus far. Do they see that I am broken? Do they see that I am whole? Do they… Continue reading Mirror

Inspirational Poems

Silence Speaks

Silence speaks although we try to hide, What is deep within and festering down inside. Silence speaks when our pain is so deep and is real, And we've done all to cover what we really feel. Silence speaks in our rage and in our guilt, Then, peeks out its head from behind the walls we've… Continue reading Silence Speaks

Freedom Fridays

Did He Really Say Tho..?

Originally written and posted by Remtique. Pray you will be as blessed as I was by reading it.

Happy Freedom Friday!


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11.

For me, this is the verse that always feels like a drop of water in a heated desert. It’s something that I like to hold on to whenever I need it, which is pretty often! Does it mean hardship gets any easier? Absolutely not. But what it does mean is that there’s hope for the future; and hope is a very dangerous thing for a positive personality type.

Growing up in a very spirit-filled church, I saw some pretty amazing acts of God and miracles that you couldn’t deny. I’ve witnessed things I can’t even comprehend from an outsider’s perspective, as well as my own! If you grow your relationship close to God, He may gently reveal certain…

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Inspirational Poems

This Offering

The sum of tears that roll down my cheek,Few words that are far too painful to speak,When I can't lift my arms because I am weak. A grief-stricken heart that is now left hollow, For great trouble has come and robbed it with sorrow, When the pain in my loins runs deep to the marrow.… Continue reading This Offering

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Offer It Up (Lay It All Down)

In my life, I have experienced times of great joy and peace. However, there have also been times of great pain, suffering, and chaos. One of those times occurred during the recovery period after my second surgery, I found myself in the greatest physical pain of my life. It was excruciating. I was lying in… Continue reading Offer It Up (Lay It All Down)


Wanted- The Devotional

In February, my devotional, Wanted: Accepting God's Love, became available on the YouVersion Bible App. Please read the description below and follow the link to read Wanted. My prayer is that you will walk away from reading it knowing how deeply loved you are by the Father. Share it with others as well so they… Continue reading Wanted- The Devotional

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Will You Answer?

One of my pet peeves is being ignored. There is nothing more irritating than calling, texting, or speaking to someone and them not answering knowing you are talking to them. If it bothers me, I can only imagine how the Father feels when He is speaking and we fail to answer. I'm guilty of ignoring… Continue reading Will You Answer?

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On the Eve of Breakthrough

When you seem to find yourself in the darkest of the night, And your soul yearns deeply for the smallest glimpse of light. When you're alone and no one seems to hear although you shout,And the foundation beneath you is shaken, filling you with doubt. While friends as if you're Job are saying, "Just curse… Continue reading On the Eve of Breakthrough

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What Triggers You?

Life can be very interesting. It has a way of hitting you over the head and opening your eyes. A few years ago, I got an eye-opener. I realized that a great part of my life had been spent building and salvaging relationships. From a young age, I have always had to be the one… Continue reading What Triggers You?