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In a world full of imposters,In a world full of fake.In a world that hates to love,And loves to hate. In a world that is thirsty,In a world overtly ridden with sin.In a world that approves an eye for an eye,And feels it's ok to betray our next of kin. In a world that shuns… Continue reading Elevate

Inspirational Poems

Silence Speaks

Silence speaks although we try to hide, What is deep within and festering down inside. Silence speaks when our pain is so deep and is real, And we've done all to cover what we really feel. Silence speaks in our rage and in our guilt, Then, peeks out its head from behind the walls we've… Continue reading Silence Speaks

Power Posts

Offer It Up (Lay It All Down)

In my life, I have experienced times of great joy and peace. However, there have also been times of great pain, suffering, and chaos. One of those times occurred during the recovery period after my second surgery, I found myself in the greatest physical pain of my life. It was excruciating. I was lying in… Continue reading Offer It Up (Lay It All Down)


Wanted- The Devotional

In February, my devotional, Wanted: Accepting God's Love, became available on the YouVersion Bible App. Please read the description below and follow the link to read Wanted. My prayer is that you will walk away from reading it knowing how deeply loved you are by the Father. Share it with others as well so they… Continue reading Wanted- The Devotional

Inspirational Poems

If We Only Had a Heart

If we only had a heart, We wouldn't look on as the innocent die, Or turn a deaf ear as children torn from parent's arms cry. If we only had a heart, We would see human and not race, We'd understand that because of Our Father everyone has a place. If we only had a… Continue reading If We Only Had a Heart