God’s V.I.P. Section Part 2: Very Involved People

Although our days are numbered, God is calling us to get involved in what He is doing. I know that even the thought of the task seems daunting but it is what is required of us. I have had some unfavorable experiences while doing ministry work and was even at a point of not wantingContinue reading “God’s V.I.P. Section Part 2: Very Involved People”

God’s V.I.P. Section Part 1: Very Invited People

If you have ever been invited to an event,  it makes you feel special because you know that the host wants you there. God has extended many invitations to us. In fact, several of them begin with the word “Come” which means to move or travel toward or into a place thought of as nearContinue reading “God’s V.I.P. Section Part 1: Very Invited People”

Betrayed By a Kiss, Bestowed With a Blessing

The beginnings and endings of my favorite movies often vary. Some beginnings drew me in only to let me down in the end. Then, there are those that began with heartbreak but ended triumphantly. The story of Jesus being betrayed by Judas is one of those stories. Judas walked beside Jesus many days doing kingdomContinue reading “Betrayed By a Kiss, Bestowed With a Blessing”