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Embrace Your Journey

We are all different. God has each of us on our own unique path. He is working on and in us the way He desires in His own timing. What He is doing in your life right now may look very different than what He may be doing in someone else's life. That doesn't mean… Continue reading Embrace Your Journey

Power Posts

Call…Don’t Fall!

While in the rehabilitation hospital after my surgeries in 2016, I was surrounded by signs that read, "Call Don't Fall". It reminded me of Romans 10:13, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Initially, this can apply to when we accept the Lord into our lives but I want… Continue reading Call…Don’t Fall!

Inspirational Poems


What is a bird who can't spread its wings and fly? Or a man who lies down in defeat and just wants to die. What becomes of an eagle that never gets to soar? Or what about a lion in the jungle who is afraid to roar? What sense does it make to be pregnant… Continue reading Bloom