Count Your Blessings, Not Your Lack

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Friday night, God checked me. He said something so clear to me that I needed to share the words. The words He whispered to my spirit came when I was miserably cold and wanting to complain. The heating system was out in my house and although it was to be fixed the next day, in the meantime – I sat in a house with no heat with mid-30 degree weather outside. Yet as my spirit was at the tip of a full-blown pity and complaint party, I heard “count your blessings and not your lack”. That’s it. So with those simple words, I went from complaining about the heat I did not have to praise Him for what I did have. I had a bed. I had a bedroom. I had a house. Which is more than some can say. That night I consciously decided to count my blessings and not what I lacked.

What if we approached all of life that way instead of November when we give thanks for a day or a few weeks? The Bible tells us that we should have to give thanks in all circumstances, but when life seems to press us, we often forget to have a spirit of thankfulness. And for many, we are pressed so much and so often with our jobs, finances, families, etc. we focus on our lack and not our blessings.

But how do we move from focusing on the lack? By consciously focusing on our blessings instead. We must train our minds and thoughts to respond to every negative situation with a positive reflection. We must face every complaint and consciously turn it into a moment of praise for what we do have – family, a job, shelter, and so much more. Just as our bodies can be transformed and changed through exercise and diet, so can our minds and thoughts be transformed by the lens in which we view our situations. When we do that, we will begin to truly have joy and live out God’s will for us – to give thanks in ALL circumstances.

From our families to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving. And remember, to always count your blessings and not your lack.

Published by Shaniqua Rischer

Passionate, Loving, Loyal, Engaging, Obedient, and Direct are words often used to describe Shaniqua Rischer. However, the words she loves to be known for the most are Christian and daughter of the Most High God. Shaniqua has always been the type of person to ask why. She learned to never rely solely on the answer given, but to delve deeper and to question what she was told and taught. She approached her relationship with Christ as she would any person she met – she started talking and asking why. Through intimate prayer and conversations with God, she gained a clearer understanding of the struggles many Christians face. The struggles include the responsibility of being called Christian; knowing what we are supposed to do, but too afraid to act or not knowing how to break free of the bondage that holds us captive. She has discovered a love unlike anything she has ever known, experienced favor that can only come from the Lord, and discovered what it means to finally let her guard down and let God be the center of her life. The result has been the metamorphosis of a person that dares to be extraordinary and move beyond fear to faith. While on a mission trip to Kenya in 2009, her global vision was formed to impact others. As a result, At The Cross Global Ministries, a para-ministry whose focus in on local and global outreach, was founded. Shaniqua shares her experiences and lessons of faith in a direct and open manner, full of compassion, challenge, and optimism. She dedicates her life to being the hands and feet of Christ, and to date, she has led and served on seven global mission teams. She is a sought after speaker and has published two books, “Living A Fake Life For A Real God” and “God-Morning! Sixty Mornings With God”; she is currently working on her third book to be published summer 2019. Additgionally, she is a licensed minister and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Arts Degree in Christian Education from Dallas Baptist University.

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