Inspirational Poems

Your Artistry

Mountains and valleys,
Monsoons and hurricanes,
Exotic birds like parrots and cranes.

Lakes and rivers,
Streams and estuaries,
Seasons From December back to January.

Oceans, winds, give rise to hurricanes,
Monsoons, typhoons, and tsunamis,
Strong enough to bow and break massive trees.

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration,
Water, Carbon, and nitrogen recycling,
To replenish what flows ecologically.

Star filled skies and galaxies,
Solar bodies and asteroids,
All serve as evidence that You are Lord.

Azul skies and billowy clouds,
Turn from day to night,
As deep darkness shrouds the light.

Brilliant oranges, reds, browns,
Are on your divine palette of Fall,
From the stroke of Your brush, you paint it all.

Green and yellows,
Ranging from lush to pale,
Are the signature of springs and summers, you paint so well.

There is no other on this Earth or in the universe,
Who can take credit for your glory and divine artistry,
Beginning in nature’s majesty and ending with me.

© 2019 FREE All Rights Reserved.

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