Inspirational Poems


There once was a sister,

Who found herself a mister.

And you’d think she’d found a pot of gold.

But some how she got it twisted,

Or she just altogether missed it,

Because she had to give up her soul.

Unhealthy patterns started,

And she left herself unguarded,

Then, she became consumed by lies.

Distant from her real truth,

Her sense of self ran aloof,

Unidentifiable by her own eyes.

Her vision became clouded,

She forgot what she once took pride in,

And herself she began to despise.

One day, she got lifted,

And realized that she was gifted,

As the daughter of a glorious King.

All she had once discarded,

She recommitted and move forward,

And she began to feel her wings.

She took flight into her purpose,

Because at last she felt worth it,

And the rest became His-Story.

© 2019 FREE All Rights Reserved.

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