Inspirational Poems


Listen when it’s busy,

Listen when it’s still.

Listen when you’re healthy,

Listen when you’re ill.

Listen when it’s dark and dim,

Listen when light shines through.

Listen even in your sadness because I want to speak to you.

Listen my children because your life depends on it,

I had to shut things down just to get you to sit.

Now, that I have your attention,

I need you to repent and pray.

Because the time is getting closer and shorter is the day.

Prepare my bride, your wedding day is coming soon,

There will be signs and wonders,

And even blood colored moons.

Don’t be distracted. Please lean in. I’m calling out to thee.

For the day is coming when you shall stand before me.

Instead of storing up your earthly treasures,

Be found building things that are heavenly.

For all this will soon pass away,

And will be no good to thee.

But if you are wise Beloved,

You will one day wear a crown.

So, don’t get caught with your work undone before the sun goes down.

© 2019 FREE All Rights Reserved.

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