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On the Eve of Breakthrough

When you seem to find yourself in the darkest of the night,
And your soul yearns deeply for the smallest glimpse of light.

When you’re alone and no one seems to hear although you shout,
And the foundation beneath you is shaken, filling you with doubt.

While friends as if you’re Job are saying, “Just curse God and die”,
And your eyes are dry as deserts with no more tears left to cry.

When you lie awake at night dreading what may come tomorrow,
Because you are tired of fighting and your heart is full of sorrow.

And you’ve exhausted every option, your patience has run thin,
You’ve become weary in well-doing, two steps short of giving in.

Then, you remember your Advocate who gives you the words to say,
So, you fall on bended knees with all you have left inside and pray.

And as you rest there a while, you begin to feel your strength being renewed,
Then, you feel lifted on wings like an eagle as the wind gently raises you.

Lift your head. Open your closed, dry, and weary eyes.
Because you have endured weeping for only a night.
And new joy has now come with the morning light.

Be strong and of good courage, the Lord is calling out to you.
Last night was full of trouble but today is your breakthrough.

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