Wanted- The Devotional

In February, my devotional, Wanted: Accepting God’s Love, became available on the YouVersion Bible App. Please read the description below and follow the link to read Wanted. My prayer is that you will walk away from reading it knowing how deeply loved you are by the Father. Share it with others as well so they may be reminded of how greatly they are loved by Him.


We are God’s beloved. Through reading this plan, you will discover the magnitude of God’s great love and His intentional pursuit to bring us into fellowship with Him. Join me in learning more about accepting His love and how such acceptance can change your life. I look forward to joining you on this journey of discovering and accepting the greatest love of all, the love of the Father! 


Please free to share your thoughts about the devotional on this post or via email at

Thanks in advance for your support of Wanted and continued support of FREE. It has meant the world to me and encouraged me to continue to grow as a writer and follower of Christ.

Be blessed,

Nia @ FREE

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